Streamlining Tips for Creating Better Work/Life Balance

Streamlining Tips for Creating Better Work/Life Balance

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News, events, chores and junk mail.  Our lives are filled with information, details and objects that quickly add up to piles of physical and mental clutter that slow us down.  Clear it all away and fill your time with people and things that feed your soul.  Take some advice from Liz Pearce, a busy CEO and mother, who shared her ‘set of hacks’ to get the most out of every day with an article at


Make Regular Appointments

Pearce has a babysitter come to her house on alternate Thursdays to cover date nights.  Whenever she is with family and friends, she makes it a point to schedule their next time together.  This way her relationships are automatically enhanced by quality time, and  her most important appointments–with those she loves–are always on her calendar.




Invest in Time Saving Services

Most of us can’t afford a home full of beautiful things and a staff of people to keep that home running.  Pearce saves her handbag money and uses it for grocery delivery and help with yard work.  That’s hours of grocery shopping and weeding that can go towards her business and her family.  She’s brilliant.





Be Picky About All That Stuff

Pearce trashes at least 15 things every day and keeps her tables, drawers, counters and mind clutter free.  If an item doesn’t have true emotional significance, it ends up in the recycling bin.  Her home is clean and decorated with only the most cherished objects.



Indulge Yourself

Everyone has that one thing that instantly melts the stress away.  Pearce is a busy woman,but after her wine and some West Wing reruns, she’s ready to tackle the next hurdle.  The secret is to determine what works, then do it.  Simple!




Is there a task in your life that could use some streamlining? What are some tips you have for creating work/life balance?


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